Biography Highlights
Born: Alice Jeane Leppert
May 5, 1915
New York City, N.Y.
Chorus Girl:
(1929-Early 30's)
Chester Hale Vaudeville Unit
George White's Scandals
(About this time changed her last name to Faye)
Radio Singer: "The Fleischmann Hour" (1932-1934) with Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees
Movie Star: To Hollywood with Vallee in late 1933 to film a song for Fox's "George White's Scandals." Lilian Harvey, the star, walked out. Alice was chosen to play the lead and became an instant success.
(1935-1940) In 1935 Fox merged with 20th Century Pictures to form 20th Century-Fox. Alice was groomed by new studio head Darryl Zanuck for top stardom. As a result of appearing in pictures such as "In Old Chicago," "Alexander's Ragtime Band," "Rose Of Washington Square," and " Lillian Russell," she became a top box-office draw and queen of the Hollywood musical.
To Tony Martin in 1937 (divorced 1940)
To Phil Harris in 1941
She was expecting her first child during filming of "Week-End In Havana" (1941). Took a year off to give birth to Alice, Jr. (1942). Returned to acclaim in "Hello, Frisco, Hello" (1943).
She was expecting her second child during filming of "The Gang's All Here" (1943). Her new family life made Alice much less interested in her career, and upon completion of "The Gang's All Here," she announced her retirement from films. Since she was at the zenith of her career and a top money maker, her studio and fans begged her to reconsider, to no immediate avail.
(1944) Gave birth to her second child, Phyllis.
(1945) 20th Century-Fox bombarded her with scripts before she finally accepted a dramatic role in "Fallen Angel." She attended a special screening of the finished film and was so upset to find that Mr. Zanuck had cut what she thought were her best scenes that she immediately left the studio and didn't return for sixteen years.

Starred with husband Phil Harris in highly-rated comedy shows with music: "Fitch Bandwagon" (1946-1948) and "The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show" (1948-1954).
Returned to 20th Century-Fox for role in third version of "State Fair."
Television: (1959 through 1970's) Guest star appearances on Phil Harris Special, Perry Como Show, Red Skelton Show, Hollywood Palace, Dean Martin Show, Tonight Show, Mike Douglas Show, Love Boat, and others.
Successful cross-country tour of "Good News" with John Payne and Stubby Kaye.
Pfizer Years:
Signed with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals as "Good Health Ambassador." Appeared in person throughout the nation and made many TV appearances as well as a film entitled "We Still Are." Authored a book entitled "Growing Older, Staying Young."

In Memoriam:
Alice Faye Phil Harris
May 9, 1998 August 11, 1995